WELCOME TO    Moon Over the Mojave - home to  registered Dexter Cattle

Our ranch is located in Lucerne Valley, CA. We offer polled Dexter cattle.

 We have a small herd which affords me the time to halter break and imprint the

calves to handling as soon as they are born.

 I handle them daily, brushing, baths and behavior training.

We sell calves for both breeding and stock feeders.

Please feel free to call if you have ANY questions about

Dexter cattle. 

Please go to the contact link for information.

Thank you, Jimmie Jeanette Bauer






 Glenn Land Mr Mojave 1.6 years old


 Glenn Land Mr Mojave 3.5 years old

  44.5" at shoulder and hip

  Homozygous polled, dun, Chrondo & Pha neg.

 A2/A1, genotyped and dual registered

I use and recommend Western Horse Transport - just the best people.



2016 - I retained 2 heifers and 1 bull calf. No calves will be for sale until spring 2017.

I want to thank all of the wonderful families and breeders who have purchased over 50 Dexter cattle from this ranch.

MM Perfektion with new family.


Joan & Nobeless - Ist time Dexter owners come in all ages!

Each bull and heifer calf is tested for  A2/A2, polled, genotyped and registered before they are posted for sale. Color markers on request per contract.

I urge you to make sure your purchase is registered!! and is a Dexter, if not, you are not getting a great deal. 

All cows are A2/A2, neg. Chrondo & PHA. The entire herd, since 2000, are now genotyped, ADCA & PDCA and Legacy registered.

Glenn Land Mr Mojave has tested homozygous polled and  A2/A1.



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